Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Monday!

Good morning team,
I always have mixed feelings the Monday after we do a musical. I'm excited with the satisfaction that you all did a magnificent musical and that we touched so many lives over the weekend. I'm relieved that we pulled it off again. I'm sad, because I love the preparation and rehearsal road we travel to get to this point. But there's good news...EASTER'S COMING!! I especially like completing our Christmas musical because we always head to Florida after Christmas and I get to listen to Easter music on the beach...the hot, sunny beach!

But Christmas is still yet to come. We have 2 more special times that the Owego Naz worship team gets to celebrate. This week is Christmas Sunday and we will be singing, "Go Tell" in the second service. We will NOT rehearse this Wednesday night. Meet in the choir loft on Sunday at 10:40am for a run through.

Then, perhaps, the most special service of the year is our Christmas Eve service at 7PM. We will allow you to sit with your families for most of this service and then we will sing "One Child" as the introduction to Pastor's message. As always, the candlelight finale will be awesome.

"I vow to worship you this Christmas Day,
I'll stand and say,
'Glory, glory to the Highest in excelsis Deo.'
I pledge to celebrate the meaning of this holiday
Giving praises to the beauty of your holy name."

"More than anything I do, more than anything I say,
More than anything I say or do, I worship You.
More than any card I write
More than any Christmas light I light
More than any gift I give
I'll give you my praises from morning to night!"

May it be so, Lord Jesus!


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