Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Wednesday!

Good morning Team!

As you can see, this is my first attempt at blogging and I'm curious at what you think. This will be fun.

Tonight the Owego Naz Worship Choir will rehearse at 6:15 and we will be nailing down "Praise You In this Storm." I want to spend some more time working on our Christmas music and specifically "Christmastime" in the musical. Anna Carman is going to be working with our children on their part starting next week...Thanks Anna!

We will also spend some time on a couple of new worship songs...well, new to us. "You Are God Alone" is a fantastic worship song about the awesomness of our God and "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me" is an old Negro spiritual with a "blues" feel. It will be a wonderful time of worship tonight!

Well, I'm going to post this and see how it works. I'm open to suggestions from any of you bogger pros.


JenLo said...

Hey, fancy seeing you here! See you tonight!

jeleasure said...

Hi Dave,
Well, I can see quite a few things we have in common. I am Nazarene and so is my wife who is a graduate of Eastern Naz. I am a giant Christian music fan, play piano and have a good ear for what works. My wife, Vicki is a music major. She works in a financial office, though her first love is teaching piano in the evenings.
I often visit the profiles from the interest I've stated in my profile. This is how I found your profile. Tip: Blog about something that reflects your passion and stay constant. This is how you will build readers.
Now, I will tell you, I intend to invite you to network with me in my circle of bloggers. It is easy. All you will need to do is respond to comments and visit your commentor's blogs and comment.
I have a very intelligent blogger friend in my network who is a worship leader in Colorado. You will receive a visit from him.
So, what do you say? Can I begin sending my network to you and count on you to follow through? If so, stop by my blog and post a comment. Click here to go to my main blog "Jornaling For Growth"
Your friends are also welcome.

Jim & Karen Hill said...


Good to see your ministry go global! Blogging is a great way to keep in touch with all the people you and Coleen have touched with your ministry. We miss you back here in Troy/Piqua, OH.

God Bless,

Jim Hill

PhilipBrian said...

Well I'm not much at blogging yet,
but before too long I can I bet.
I'm just glad to see all of you,
I pray God blesses all you do.
I'll check in from time to time,
maybe even write a little rhyme.
Time to bring this to it's end,
just a note from your hoosier friend.
Philip Brian