Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Monday!

Good morning Team,
What an awesome day we had yesterday. First, a big welcome to Dick Stocum! Dick joined our first service team on the violin and added a great touch to our accompanist team. I was overwhelmed with Pastor Dennis' sermon on marriage. I hope you all will share with him your thoughts. It is always an encouragement to your staff to hear confirmations that our efforts touched your life in some way. Thank you to each of you for all your kind words to me.

ome of you asked to see the video we used at the close of the service. The song is "Holding Hands" by Steve Green...

6:30 - 8:30

We will work hard on the songs for this special Easter celebration.
CD's of the musical are in!

Don't forget to read chapter one of "Sacred Pathways" and we'll talk about it on Wednesday. If you didn't get your copy...they will be available Wed.

One last thought...
As musicians, our DNA causes us to seek appreciation for what we do. We rehearse and strive for excellence because its a part of who we are. Our challenge is to not allow our striving for perfection to become our goal. Our goal is to please God and He looks at our hearts, not our voices or our instruments. As we launch into our Easter preparations and the hard work ahead, lets be sure to keep our focus on Christ and His love for us. If we are successful in that... it's going to be an awesome New Life Celebration! I John 3:11!


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