Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Monday!

Good Morning Team!
What a weekend!

Coleen and I joined Pastor Dennis and Cheryl and Pastor Andy and Angela and about 1000 others on Friday night and watched several of our worship team members in the OFA presentation of "Grease." Jordan and Kyle Schreiner were in the cast with Jordan bringing the house down with "Beauty School Dropout." I must say that Kyle makes a good T-bird (the black leather jacket gang)! Kit Burdick played bass in the excellent band that did all the accompaniment music. It was a fun night!

Saturday, after a successful Upwards Basketball morning, the staff went to the District Pastor Appreciation luncheon in Syracuse. We had a wonderful meal and great fellowship with about 100 pastors and spouses from across the district.

Sunday morning was blessed by a wonderful time of praise, worship, preaching and communion. Is Jesus FIRST in your life or the CENTER? Wonderful! While we were short handed in the second service due to "Grease," Karen and Phil were wonderful. It is such a blessing to have talented musicians who can play multiple instruments. Phil's ability to play guitar and bass is so handy and Karen is fantastic on keyboard and drums! Thanks Karen and Phil for what you add to our Team!

Sunday night was Super Bowl night at our house as our LittleChurch group got together to fellowship and watch the world champion Pittsburgh Steelers win an exciting game! Cudos to the Arizona Cardinals and their stars Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald for an amazing comeback. But in the end...the team with the best defense won the game...just like always. Hmmm... a life lesson. Check out Ephesians 6: 10-18:

Finally, Here's my favorite commercial of the night. This ad was not done by a professional ad agency, but an ordinary citizen...Wow!




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