Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Monday!

Good morning Team,
What a fun time we had Saturday at our OwegoNaz Worship Team Christmas Appreciation Brunch. Thanks to Coleen, Wayne and Darlene Cobler and Crystal Rutan for the awesome food...oh, yeah... and thanks to Sams Club for the pastries :)

We honored some of our team members:

Kyle Schreiner - Rookie of the Year

Bob Rutan - Techie of the Year
Sue Camin - Servant Heart Award

Suzanna Miller - Spirit Award

Our Christmas musical is here!! CD's are available now, so you can get an early start on Christmas. If you didn't get one on Saturday, you can pick one up at the church... they are on the front pew in the sanctuary...still wrapped in Christmas paper :)

Pastor Dennis continued his series on "Getting real with God" by sharing that we begin our prayers with Adoration for God. Praise is one of the best parts of being a worship team! Keeping our eyes wide open to the wonders around us is a great plan! Another idea is to pray the names of God. The names of God deal with His attributes. Rick Warren lists these:
• God is present with me.
• God is my Shepherd.
• God is my Provider.
• God is my Healer.
• God is my Peace.
• God is my victory in conflict.
Want more? Google "names of God" and see how many come up.

Have an awesome week with your
eyes wide open!


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