Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Monday!

Good Monday Team!
Coleen and I (and Cagney) are home in NY after a couple of weeks with family in Columbus, OH... Englewood, FL... Wilson, NC... Washington, DC. We put more than 4000 miles on our car and spent 46 hours traveling... it was awesome! Many people think that driving that much would be painful, but it is actually fantastic alone time for us. But it is always nice to be home!

We were gone two Sundays and the first one was in Columbus, OH and we attended the Heritage Christian church where my daughter and her husband...and our coming grandson attend. This is a very large church and we worshiped well. Check them out at Heritage Christian church.

Our second Sunday was in Florida and we drove 2 and a half hours to visit with good friends at Metro West Nazarene in Orlando. Metro West is an International church with a strong Caribbean influence. Very energetic and spirit filled with clapping, flag waving, dancing in the it use to be in the early Nazarene church :) They have a brand new building that is debt free after they sold their old property to developers for several million dollars. Check them out here... Metro West Nazarene.

I was able to spend some of my vacation time in Florida listening to music and I am so excited to introduce the Owego Naz Worship Choir to our new Easter music. Rehearsal starts back up this
WEDNESDAY at 6:15pm.

It was great to be back home for worship yesterday. There is comfort as we gather together with friends and family and this is what the world is searching for. Invite your friends to come with you to church. They can develop friendships and meet Jesus...what could be better?



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