Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Monday!

Good Monday Team,
I start this morning with some special thank yous to our tech team yesterday. We did a major overhaul of our sound system this past week (replaced all the worn out wiring) and we had to do a full resetting of our sound board. Most people cannot understand how difficult this task was. Our sound techs (Coleen, Andy and Marie) did a marvelous job of setting mics and dealing with new speaker settings and avoiding feedback during our worship celebrations. Outstanding sound for the services...great job! And a special thanks to Bob Rutan for resetting the video sound and our DVD was great! We are so fortunate to have such talented musicians and technicians. God is good.

We currently have 18 going to the Casting Crowns/Kutless concert on Feb. 23. I'm ordering tickets later this morning so if you want to go, contact me RIGHT NOW!!

Our Reach Out Owego concert on March 19th is shaping up. Rehearsals are Wednesday night at 6:15pm in the sanctuary and we have 8 weeks to go. I appreciate your efforts to make every rehearsal. It will be a special night of worship and community service. More details coming soon!

What will you do special this week to make a difference in the lives of those around you? A word of encouragement? How about telling someone what you admire about them? Maybe an act of generosity? Think about it.



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