Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Monday!

Good Monday Team,
Just some thoughts about the weekend...

Saturday's memorial service for Harry Espe was an amazing healing time as we gathered in the Lord's presence and lifted the family through supporting presence, words and praise to God. I think it was the first time I've ever had the band and sang "Blessed Be Your Name" at a funeral and it was so powerful!

Easter Sunday's traditional service was fantastic as we sang Easter hymns, shared scripture responsively and celebrated the resurrection. Thanks to Sherry on the organ; Sue on the piano; Sue, Kathy, Joy, and Linda in the praise team; Coleen at the sound booth; Breanna on projection and lighting; Don and Jean Schmidt greeting; Dick Stocum our head usher; Donna Striley coordinating our nursery; all our Welcome Center and Gathering Place workers... WOW! It's amazing how many people in our church are actively ministering for our first service.

Pastor Dennis showed us why Easter Sunday is his favorite Sunday...passionately delivering God's words of hope and new life!

Our discipleship classes involve many others ministering as teachers and helpers in our Sunday School. Our second service band and praise team meet during this time to rehearse. Thanks to Denise, Scott, Karen, Coleen and Anna in the praise team; Stephen, Phil and Neil in the band; Amy signing; Marie on sound; Breanna doing double duty on projection and lights; Bob on video; Ken Stuart our head usher; and our greeters, welcome center and Gathering Place workers, nursery and childrens workers!!!

How about our dramatic readers yesterday? Lisa Belokur made Mary come alive with her reading written by Janet Goodrich; Skip Hornick brought us face to face with the dilemma that Peter faced; Tim Lounsbury prepared the way as John. And then Gianna Quattrini cast a spell on everyone with her singing "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know." And then...

The Owego Naz Worship Choir! I love you guys! Thanks for your special spirit and yesterday you stepped it up. While many of our members were unable to join us, you delivered the Jesus story in a powerful and effective way yesterday and you thrilled my soul. One of my indicators that we are delivering what God wants is goosebumps. Yesterday, I had goosebumps. I experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit in your singing and in your faces. Well done!

WE ARE REHEARSING THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT. We have only 6 more Sunday's until our summer break. Lets finish the year strong. All of you are important!


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