Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Monday!

Good Monday Team,
What a weekend! I have been in many worship celebrations over the years, but last Friday night was the best I can remember. Choir, you lead the way with joy and enthusiasm that honored God and showed all our visitors that Jesus is Lord in your life. We worked hard and you delivered. Awesome!

Another descriptive word for the night would be "freedom." With our Special Olympian guests leading the way, the sanctuary was filled with uninhibited expressions of love and praise. The clapping during our singing was not totally rhythmic, but it didn't matter because it was authentic, honest and from the heart. The signing took on special meaning as Talking Hands shared "You Raise Me Up" with passion and commitment. Amy taught the choir to sign "Our God Saves" and I watched the Special Olympians watching her as she signed our worship songs. And what was more special than when a couple of them spontaneously came forward and signed "How Great Thou Art" with her.

Your generosity was also overwhelming! We were able to restock our Food Bank with your "admission tickets" and our offering for Special Olympics was $1100! The cookie reception after the concert was such a blessing and I could see the joy on everyone's faces.

Well done team! Our prayer was that we would be the aroma of Jesus to everyone who was at the concert...Amen!

And then came Sunday! There is nothing that thrills my heart more than seeing new believers baptized. We were able to share this special time with both services yesterday and it was memorable. Congratulations to the newly baptized!

So... what's ahead?
March 28
Palm Sunday and "Hallelujah! We Will Sing!"
April 4
Easter Sunday and "Jesus Saves" This will be particularly special because Gianna Quatrini will be singing "Jesus Loves Me" as the introduction.
April 11
We will take a break!
April 18
Faith Promise Celebration and a unity service at 10:30am. We will sing "A New Hallelujah/Send the Light" and "The Blessing"


Have an awesome week...if you want to!


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