Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Monday!

Good Monday Team,
Yep...a blessing yesterday as you shared "Revelation Song" with the congregation. It allowed our people to be in tune with Pastor Dennis and prepared them for the word from the Lord. Awesome!

Our plans for "A Night of Caring" are going well and we are on schedule with our preparations. Here's the schedule for the next 11 days:

Wednesday, March 10 - 6:15pm choir rehearsal

Saturday, March 13 - 1-3PM Bonus rehearsal
We will start at 1PM with the children
and work on our opening "Prepare Ye the Way"

Then we will do a full run through

Tuesday, March 16 - 6:30 PM - Band rehearsal

Wednesday, March 17, 6:15Pm - Full dress rehearsal

Friday, March 19 - 6PM - Band and Praise Team sound check
Praise team for the concert will be
Denise, Scott, Jennifer, Coleen, Suzanna, Tiffany

Friday, March 19 - 6:15PM - Choir sound check

Friday, March 19 - 7PM - "A Night of Caring!"

I have been meeting regularly with John and Gae Crosby, the directors of Special Olympics and I can't tell you how excited they are to see a church take and interest in them the way that we have. We will touch the lives of many unchurched people at the concert and I want to thank you now for all you have invested. Is there anyone you have forgotten to invite? Use all of the resources you have (email, facebook, text, phone, talking) to encourage your family and friends to attend this event!

I heard Joel Osteen last night talking about Mondays! Whether we have a bad Monday or a good Monday is not dependent on our circumstances, but our attitude. We get to choose. I choose happy and sunshine helps! Have an awesome day...if you want to!



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