Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Monday!

Happy Monday Team,
Well, what a week!! Last Monday morning, our daughter, Capri, called us and said that she was heading to the hospital to have our first grandson. Coleen and I were working at the church, so we wrapped up, quickly, and ran (actually, drove quickly) home to pick up our already packed suitcases and Cagney (our Yorkie) and at noon we were on the road to Columbus, Ohio. The 7 1/2 hour trip seemed amazing slow this time. Along the way, Coleen was kept updated by Capri's husband, Adam, through text messages. Coleen then relayed them to a long list of family and friends through text messages. It was so fun to listen to her phone explode with responses after each update.

Now, I heard that the first baby labor was supposed to be a long process. We are thinking 12- 18 hours. Not this time. We had just gotten into Ohio at around 5PM when Coleen got the text: "Capri is 9cm dilated!" Uh oh! We still had more than two hours to go before we would arrive at the hospital...

At 5:45 pm on Monday, April 26, we got this picture:

Alexander James Hemsworth was 5 minutes old when this pic was taken. My heart leaped when I saw it. What a wonderful creation and gift from the Lord!

And this Sunday was our annual Baby Parade with 21 babies and 6 children were dedicated to the Lord. Awesome!

6:15 PM
This is a change, but since we canceled last week, we need to rehearse!
We are singing "Revelation Song" this Mother's Day Sunday.

Here's a new song to start your week off right. We will be singing this song in church very soon...maybe this week :)


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Hap said...

This is very beautiful with words full of Truth about our loving God and Savior, Jesus Christ! How can we not adore Him?