Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Monday!

Good Monday Team,
I trust your Mother's Day was special. Mother's Day for our family was celebrated in Columbus, OH. Coleen and I have a tradition for my mom on Mother's Day. We get her a hanging basket for her front porch. Here's this year's edition:
But this year was extra special and "we" got her another present this year:
Alexander James Hemsworth is her first great grandchild. Cool!!

I didn't forget Coleen and first time mom, Capri, however...

Mother's Day at Owego Naz was special as well. Thanks to moms Cindy Belokur, Karen Manwaring, Bev Manzer, Joy Hill and Polly Carman for participating in our services. Natalie Thomas delivered an encouraging message that you can hear on our website...

I loved our new song, "Healing Is In Your Hands." Thanks Sue and Suzanna for sharing the solos with us.

We have only 2 more Wednesday rehearsals. NEW!! Starting time for rehearsal is 6:30pm.

Have an awesome week!


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