Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Monday!

Good Morning Team,
I was taken by surprise yesterday. This past week I spent 4 days with Bob Rutan, Wayne and Darlene Cobler and Tim French laying the ceramic tile floor for The Gathering Place.

Our team did a grea
t job! While my knees took a beating, it was rewarding to see what was accomplished. I went into the weekend looking forward to worship on Sunday with our great worship team leading our incredible congregation in worship to our AWESOME GOD! On Saturday, we received news that Coleen's mom has advanced pancreatic cancer. Wow! What a kick in the gut that was. I surprised myself as I was able to hold my emotions together and help Coleen deal with this terrible news. Then Sunday morning as our first service team gathered at 7:30am to warm up before church, we started singing, "When the music fades and all is stripped away, and I simply come...I'm coming back to the heart of worship..." the emotions came and I realized that nothing matters more than our relationship with Christ and that He has all that we need to heal our broken hearts. Then the love and comfort and prayers of our worship team and Pastor Dennis held me up and I was able to lead the congregation in a wonderful time of worship to our Lord. Praise God!

Then last night, I felt a breakthrough with our LittleChurch group as we shared from our hearts and opened up to each other and ministered to each other the way a small group is meant to function. What a blessing to have others who will support us and pray with us and help carry our burdens. Awesome!

We are going into this week looking for some answers for Coleen's health problems. Tests begin Tuesday. Once this is discovered, Co will be going to Florida to help her Mom and Dad. Thanks for your prayers.



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