Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Monday!

Hi Team,
Well it's after noon on Monday and I'm just getting around to my blog. I've spent the morning with the video installers for The Gathering Place and its going well. I have also put together folders for the New Life Concert so that all your music will be together and in order. Please bring all you music with you on Wednesday so I can punch it and put it in your folder.

It's so exciting to think that the New Life Celebration kicks off on Saturday with the new Life Easter Egg Hunt. If you are available on Saturday morning at 10am...come on down and help with the fun! I know you will be able to impact someone by being there.

The New Life Concert is only 2 weeks away and our last 3 rehearsals are this Wed... next Wed...and next Thurs. Each one will be important and I know you will make every effort to be there.

Coleen sends her love and thanks for your prayers for her and her mom.

Did you ponder about being an admirer of Christ or a follower of Christ? I pray that we will all choose to give up control of our lives and be a follower. Only then can we love others the way God intends for us to love.

Have an awesome week and I'll see you on Wednesday.



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