Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Monday!

Good morning Team,
"We will shine like stars in the universe
Holding out Your truth in the darkest place
We'll be living for Your glory
Jesus, we'll be living for Your glory!"

I have been challenged by pastor's message to begin living outside the Christian bubble. A friend of mine has done that by participating in a local theatre group, only to take "friendly" fire for being worldly. I wonder if I am strong enough to take that risk. Then God graciously reminds me that its not my battle, but His, and my job is to be obedient. Guess that excuse is shot down. Anyway, I'm still looking for ways to step outside the bubble...let's see what God has planned...

Speaking of stepping outside the bubble, the Owego Naz Worship Choir has a ministry opportunity that I'll ask you about on Wednesday...6:15PM. It was so good to have you back leading worship this week. There is a freshness and excitement that you bring to our worship celebrations and God uses that to bless His people and speak to everyone present. Thank you for stepping up for the Lord. He was pleased with our offering this week and my heart leaps for joy when we please Him. Well done!

Have a great week living outside the bubble!


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