Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Monday!

Good Monday morning Team!
And it is a good Monday. More about that in a minute...

So what happens when your strings break? What? OK... This week, my guitar needed to have its strings changed (I have to do that about every 3 weeks or so) and I decided to use some new, expensive, beautiful sounding strings that I had used before, but had a problem with them breaking on me. I thought, "This time will be different! Maybe these new ones are better than before." It had been several months since I had tried them so I was hopeful. Well, as you saw yesterday, I broke a string on the second song. Fortunately, I had a chance to quickly replace the broken string during the announcements. But after we began singing again, I broke another string. Guitars have 6 strings, so what if only one breaks...there are 5 more. Ha! It doesn't work that way. Every string is important and when one breaks, the guitar will not function properly. And its not just because one part of the chord is missing, but because when one breaks, all the others go out of tune.

Sounds like our lives sometimes. There are sins that have haunted us in the past and we sometimes think that if I go that way again, the results will be different. Nope. Sin doesn't change over time and its results on our lives will be the same...broken strings and a life that is out of tune and therefore, useless. And fixing only one of the strings and not the others doesn't work either. It wasn't until I replaced all the bad strings that my guitar functioned properly. Our lives will never be in tune until we give it all to Him. Are you hanging on trying to play music with a broken string? Replace it and make sweet music!

And that leads me to Monday... it's a great Monday, when we are in tune with our Lord. Go make sweet music this week!

See you on Wednesday at 6:15!


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