Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Monday!

Good morning Team,
I am still pumped up after our worship celebrations yesterday. The challenge that pastor Dennis shared with us to commit to being ready to share the reason for our hope and your response was exhilarating. Be sure to keep your yellow ribbon list in front of you daily. This Sunday will be the final week of this current series and promises to be a memorable worship experience.

I want to thank all of the worship team for your commitment to serving the Lord with your talents. I feel like the choir is back in gear after our summer break and you were awesome this week. "At the Cross" set the stage for an awesome prayer time! And the Band...woohoo! Thanks, Karen, Mark, and Janet!

This is an important week for us:
Tuesday @12:24pm - Coleen returns to NY
Wednesday @ 6:15pm - Choir rehearsal
Saturday @ 9am - Tech/Media/Video team workshop
Saturday @ 10am - Rejoice! Christmas rehearsal
Saturday @ noon - Pitch in Lunch for the entire worship team
Sunday @ 11:00 - Choir sings "Orphans of God" in the second service

Make this week special to someone you come in contact with as you are the aroma of Jesus in your world.


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