Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Monday!

Hi Team!
What a packed Sunday morning! I'm still getting use to all the snow this year. It didn't seem quite as heavy last year, but it's still pretty in Upstate NY.

So what did you think of the Gathering Place Project? Thanks to Sue Camin for the awesome model and to Pastor Andy for the cool people! I can't wait to see how you all respond with your pledges. Don't forget that we need them in by this Sunday. What part will God entrust to you for this endeavor?

My fingers are crossed... that our new choir music and Easter
musical will come in before Wednesday. We will be rehearsing at 6:15PM on Wednesday and I will have the Spring 2009 CD's ready for you and the February - June Schedule!

Our Easter Event (we need a name) is set for Saturday, April 4th! Mark your calendars now and get ready for a Kingdom explosion. The Owego Naz Worship Choir will headline this special musical night aimed at bringing new believers into the family of God. We will have special guests, the Owego Naz Worship Band and the congregation of Owego Nazarene carrying out the mission of our church!

Did Pastor Dennis inspire you to dig into this book by Gary Thomas? I sure was and I'm not a big know I'm the Enthusiast! I think we will look further into this book as we learn more about how to know God more deeply and personally. Awesome! If you want this book, let me know and maybe I can get a volume discount :)

Would you all do me a favor? Email, call, snail mail, text or whatever an Owego Naz Worship Choir member and thank them for being a part of what God is doing here in Owego, NY. Encourage them to join us on Wednesday! You are an awesome team and I'm so excited to be a part!


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