Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Monday!

Good morning Team,
Did you worship well yesterday? Was your focus God centered?

It is easy sometimes to get so caught up in the "stuff" necessary to make our worship time meaningful that we sometimes miss the focus of our worship. Let me explain. Here is some of what took place yesterday...

1. 7:00am Coleen and I arrive at the church to turn on the lights, sound system, check the heat, set up and tune guitar, make sure the powerpoint slides are ok.

2. 7:30am First service praise team comes in for rehearsal. Thanks Bob, Joy, Kathy, Sue Camin, Janel, Sherry and Sue Lantz. Check batteries in mics.

3. 8:00am Pray with first service team.

4. 8:05 - 8:15am Help Hal fix sermon slides so they can be used. Thanks Hal and Coleen.

5. 8:15am First service. Pastor Dennis is hitting on all cylinders!

6. 9:30am End of first service.

7. 9:45am Rehearse second service Team. Thanks Denise, Jordan, Jennifer, Coleen, Tiffany, Suzanna, Anna, Janet, Phil, Kyle, Kit, Mike, Karen, Marie. Make sure sound from PT and Band is balanced..great job Marie.

8. 10:45am Pray with second service team.

9. 11:00am Second service. Pastor Dennis is even better second time through the sermon.

As you can see, There is a lot going on every Sunday morning. And that's just with the worship team. How about the children's program, Sunday School, Connections ministry (greeters, coffee, welcome center, ushers), Missions focus, Youth ministry, Finance? It takes a tremendous amount of effort by a lot of people to make Owego Naz what it is. Yesterday, I was busier than ever, but I worshipped wonderfully. God is good.

Sue Camin sent me this video of Buddy Green with the Gaithers at Carnegie Hall.

I had the priviledge of hearing Buddy Green and friends at a coffee house in Nasville with about 50 other people. Enjoy...

Have a great week!




Candice said...

Dad? Is that you? I didn't recognize you with that beard!

Dave Barnes said...

Unbelievable, but true :)