Monday, April 6, 2009

Good morning Team!

I am sure that I will be unable to express the multitude of
thoughts I have about this weekend in one blog, so this will be the first installment...

The New Life Concert! We worked for 9 weeks...planning, rehearsing, singing, listening, recruiting, preparing...praying that Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 6PM would be a life changing event. I believe it was just that. I felt from the opening note until the lights were turned out that the Spirit of God was upon us and that lives were impacted. The comments I have received reinforce that. We received 2 cards where people indicated that they had accepted Christ that night and 3 others who indicated they want to know more about Jesus. Bibles were given out to several and I have heard from you that people you invited and attended the concert were touched by God. We have some more praying to do for those who attended and need some more encouragement to let go of themselves and give it up to Jesus.
There are so many people who worked behind the scenes to make this concert successful. An event such as the New Life Concert cannot be successful without a network of gifted servants who handle the nuts and bolts. Today I want to mention our tech team...

Marie Chianese was our sound technician. The sound is the single most important technical element. Marie, it was awesome and we
are blessed to have you and your ears serving with us.

Eric Olsen was our projection and video trax operator. Eric, you are so consistent and a blessing to me, because it is one element I don't have to worry about...that means so much to me...great job!

Bob Rutan produced our video recording...YEP! We have a DVD that will be available of the concert! It will take a couple of weeks to get them produced, but if you want one, fill out a request form in the office managers box. DVD's will be $2.

Andy Kearney was the producer for the New Life Concert and kept
everyone together and gave confidence to our operators. Mike Lanning was out spotlight operator and was "spot on!"

The video recording and broadcast of our services in The Gathering Place
and the Mom's nursing room was made possible through your giving to The Gathering Place project. Thank you to all who have pledged to fund this awesome addition to our worship and outreach ministry at Owego Naz! Please remember that we need you to fulfil your pledge by the end of next month.

BTW...what do you think of The Gathering Place? Leave comments!

Enough for today...more later.



Dave Barnes said...

The Gathering Place is better than I envisioned!

mrsbeaver said...

I think it's great. Very warm and welcoming.