Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Tuesday!

Good morning Team!
Now a word about the Owego Naz Worship Choir...

Our vision for the choir when we started last year was that it would be a worship leading choir, bringing the congregation into the presence of God when w
e gathered together as the body of Christ. That could not have been more evident than Saturday night at the New Life Concert. I firmly believe that your personal prayer time for this event was a significant factor, so not only did you lead in worship on Saturday, but you led by praying in the weeks before the concert. I always love it when the Lord comes through and puts His hand on our efforts. As we rehearsed, I know some of you were nervous that we weren't ready. I love that! It shows that you care. I knew we were ready because our goal is not perfection musically, but perfection spiritually. We were prayed up and ready spiritually...it was an awesome night. Excellent job!

Some notes...

Jordan Schreiner. I love your voice, but I love your gentle spirit more. God has gifted you and my prayer for you is that He show you His path for your life and that you are confident in His direction. Thank you.

Denise Mathewson. Another incredible voice with a spirit to match. Thank you for highlighting the concert with Jordan on "East to West." I felt that song and the cardboard testimonies delivered the exclamation point on Pastor's message and touched people to the point of changing lives. Thank you.

Suzanna Miller. You have led our sopranos and displayed an amazing positive spirit. You stepped up with a cardboard testimony and I am grateful. It is a joy to have you on our team. Thank you.

Jennifer Olsen. You are the ultimate committed worship team member and I know the sacrifice of your time that you give to us. Thank you.

Hal Coghill. You are an inspirational leader without even trying. You anchor our basses vocally and spiritually. I love having a Jesus Freak on our team. Thank you.

The Concert is over...but Easter is coming!! Rehearsal this Wednesday at 6:15pm.



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