Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Tuesday!

Good Afternoon Team,
I'm in Florida with Coleen and her mom and Dad. I left Owego at 1PM on Sunday afternoon and met my daughter Candice for dinner in Washington, DC. I left after a nice dinner and sharing time with Candice and headed for Florida around 7PM. I stopped several times during the night for a snooze and arrived in Englewood at 3PM yesterday. It was great to see Coleen after being separated for 6 weeks and we are now preparing for Yvonne's passing. She is now bedfast and hospice is providing wonderful care. Thank you all for your prayers for Coleen as she has cared for her mom and dad. It has been a blessing that she could be here to care for them at this most difficult time. Please pray that Yvonne continues to be comfortable.

I want to share my thoughts about the New Life Celebration. When this idea hatched, we hoped that it would be a time when we united together as a church body and shared the wonderful news that Jesus loves me and you. That message was shared to more than 135 kids at the New Life Easter Egg Hunt... a good start wouldn't you say?

Then the Owego Naz worship team showed up in a BIG way at the New Life Concert on Saturday, April 4. More than 200 participated in this extraordinary event and heard through song, the pastor's message and powerful cardboard testimonies, the story that Jesus can change our lives.

Then came Easter! We joined Christians all over the world to celebrate the ressurection of Jesus and His life changing power.

The New Life Revival with Stephen Manley added the closing punch as we were challenged to have Jesus in our eyeball and in total control of all we do.

The climax of the event was last Sunday as we gathered together as a church family for the The New Life Jesus Party and the first ever baptism in our sanctuary. We rejoiced with those who were baptized and the entire morning was filled with worship and love for our Lord.

I want to thank each of your for the sacrifice of your time and energy this past month. I know it was a struggle for some of you and you came through like true servants. God's blessings on all of you!

The choir will not rehearse this Wednesday (April 29), but will rehearse with Jordan Schreiner next Wednesday (May 1) at 6:15pm. I know that you will give Jordan the same level of support you have given me. It will be a great time as you prepare to sing "You Are" in the second service on May 10. I will provide Jordan with some other songs to run through as we prepare for the next BIG event...May 27th Holiness Revival opening night. We will be singing "New Hallelujah" and "East to West" for this special service.

I will be in touch as things develope here in Florida.



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