Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Wednesday!

Good morning Team,
It's Wednesday and I've already prepared for choir rehearsal tonight at 6:15pm because our
new welcome center is completed and I am going to stain it today. What a great addition the Gathering Place and now the Welcome Center will be to our outreach program. Be sure to check out the photos at our facebook page...

Now a word about The Owego Naz Worship Band...

Karen Garrity represents ultimate in servanthood with her great spirit and amazing availability. You bring delight to my heart with your presence in the band. The song you wrote and debuted at the New Life Concert was outstanding and thanks to Sweet Aroma for delivering it to us. Thank you.

Janet Goodrich. You are a worship leaders dream. You can play anything in any key without music...woohoo! Add to that an amazing improvisation skill on the piano and a heart for God...awesome! Thank you. P.S. You need to join facebook :)

Mike Ebbers. Mike joined our band just recently and has discovered that I will take all that a person is willing to offer. That has evolved into a weekly keyboard experience and I love what you bring to our team. Thank you.

Our guitars are fantastic and I am excited at how these young men have offered their talents to the Lord.

Kyle Schreiner is our lead guitar and has brought that innocent enthusiasm of an 8th grader to the worship band. Thanks Kyle, for being willing to attempt whatever I throw at you and then pulling it off! Udaman!

Kit Burdick is a junior at OFA and shows the same talent on the bass as his brother did before him. Kit, you are a wonderful part of our team. Thank you.

I have to mention two other members of our band who had to work on Saturday night and couldn't make the concert, but add so much to our band.

Phil Rodgers plays guitar and bass for us and brings that freshness that a young man can. Thanks for using your talents for the Lord, Phil.

Neil Eash is probably the best musician in the band. He plays drums, guitar, keyboard and sometimes more than one of those at the same time. He is a gifted songwriter, producer, worship leader and we are fortunate to have you on our team. Thank you.

Well...enough blogging for this week...Easter's Coming!!



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